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Shri Narendra Modi : Prime Minister of India

Passionate, poetic and progressive, Shri Narendra Modi is one of independent India’s most popular leaders. A ‘transformational leader’ known for delivering results, he is an embodiment of courage, conviction and compassion.

Born on September 17, 1950 into a humble family in Vadnagar, Gujarat; Shri Modi has lived his life by the principle of Antyodaya or ‘serving the farthest’. His personal journey up to leading the world’s oldest civilization and youngest nation today; reinforces the very ‘Idea of India’ – wherein every Indian can realize his or her aspirations.

A powerful dreamer, Shri Modi compliments vision with the remarkable ability of implementing the same. His approach balances the importance of big and small; leveraging on global as well as local strengths.

People’s Leader

A leader of, for and by the people, Shri Modi commands respect, love and trust across the country. He is forever in their midst, constantly travelling and on public fora; embodying their concerns and aspirations. Continuing the same online, the tech-savvy leader connects with millions of Indians at a minute to minute basis.

Through his impeccable track record as a Chief Minister, Shri Modi secured three consecutive 2/3rd majority mandates for his party in the state of Gujarat. And today, people of India have overwhelmingly reposed their faith in him giving him a historically decisive mandate to take the nation forward.

In his more than 12 years tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Modi brought about paradigm shift in the lives of the people in Gujarat by delivering ‘Pro-active Pro-people Good Governance’. He is now poised to do the same for the nation at large.

Growth Engine

Under his leadership, Gujarat has maintained more than 10% GDP growth rate for over a decade now. And moreover, this growth was balanced with Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services all growing by 10%.

Vikas Purush (Man of Development)

Growth and prosperity in Gujarat has strategically been translated into development for each and citizen of the state. Scaling up social sector fund allocations, strategic mission mode campaigns have been launched focussing in the domain of Health, Education and Livelihood. Examples include Chiranjeevi Yojana for institutional delivery, 108 for Emergency Response services, Kaushalya Vardhan Kendra for skill development, SCOPE and eMpower for developing soft skills, specialized universities like Raksha Shakti, Forensics, Petroleum, Law, Infrastructure technology and so on.

Subsequently, Gujarat realized a Sarvasparshi (all pervasive), Sarvasamaveshak (inclusive) and Sarvangi (holistic) model of Development. The outstanding successes of many such initiatives taken under his leadership have in fact spawned subsequent nation-wide roll outs.


Extending his faith in people, Shri Modi has made Jan-bhagidari (people’s participation) central to major government initiatives. Examples stretch from Beti Bachao Abhiyan ( Save the Girl Child campaign) to Shala Pravahotsav (School Enrolment Festival); Gunotsav – a quality drive in primary schools; Krishi Mahotsav (Farmer Mega festival) – a month long farmer education cum awareness drive; and Wasmo – a community-driven drinking water management program.

Empowering the Weak

Shri Modi believes in empowering the weal and marginalized, such that they can write their own destiny with pride and respect. Resources have been converted into special programs like Vanbandhu Yojana for tribal districts, Sagarkhedu Yojna for coastal districts, Shaheri Garib Samrudhi Yojana for urban poor and Garib Kalyan Mela for ensuring 100% funds reach 100% beneficiaries by directly distributing assistance to eligible BPL beneficiaries.

Strong Foundation

All this is enabled by comprehensive infrastructural base Shri Modi developed across the state of Gujarat, focussing on the 3S model of Scale, Speed & Skill. From world class Highways to 24×7 power supply, sate wide Gas and Water Grids and Broadband network up to Village Panchayat Levels.

Minimum Government – Maximum Governance

Shri Modi has brought about an unprecedented transition from Political Interference to Political Intervention. He has empowered not just government officers but the people at large by making decision-making Decentralised, Participatory and Transparent. By running a policy driven government he has removed discretion, thus empowering bureaucratic decision making while minimizing the scope for corruption. This is further reinforced through technology, with eGovernance initiatives insuring Easy, Effective and Efficient governance.

Global Recognition

Government of Gujarat has won more than 300 awards in the past decade; including the likes of the UN Sasakawa Award, World Bank Green Award and CAPAM award. The Chief Minister’s Office has been recognised by the United Nations for ‘Improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the Public Services. Shri Modi has been rated as the Best Chief Minister of India many times over by professional research and media agencies.

Author, Poet & Student

As an author, Shri Modi has penned several books and articles on social, cultural, philosophical and spiritual issues in Gujarati, Hindi, English and Marathi. Having a Masters degree in Political Science, his deep study of Politics of the day as an ever eager student has also continued unabated.